Process in Education Essay

In education essay you may write about different aspects that deal with education.

For example, you may write about school violence. Suggest some methods to prevent the students or teachers violence. Another good topic that you can uncover in your essay is the difference between schoolboys and schoolgirls. Here you may discuss the gap between the girls and boys in academic achievements. You may conduct an experiment to check how the boys and girls apprehend the learning material. Draw your own conclusions and say who to your mind is cleverer, explain why. You may also suggest your own teaching methods that will help pupils to learn the material. You may also lead a discussion in your essay to clarify if there should be special schools for gifted and talented children. Think if they should follow general academic program or there should be developed some special approaches and methods for those pupils.

Another pressing topic that was argued many times is school uniform. Some people think that uniform should be a mandatory condition for studying at school. Others think that wearing uniform is a bad idea as every pupil is an individual personality. It is also interesting to learn more about the teaching practices. You may compare several practices and underline the most effective practice or just deep into one concrete methodic (e.g. constructivist teaching).

School discipline is a pressing topic nowadays. You may suggest in your paper how it is possible to improve discipline during the lessons. You may also compare old discipline methods and current methods. Think what method has the greatest impact on the students. Cheating and plagiarism are serious academic crimes. You may discuss in your paper the reasons that make students to cheat.

It will be also interesting to research the value of preschools. Write about the preschool advantages. Point out how attending the preschool influences a child’s social growth. You can also write about the distance learning. Define the concept of such kind of education. Think of the pros and cons of such kind of studying. You may also compare the system of education in different countries (Great Britain, USA, Germany etc).

Writing education essay will be an easy task if you find a proper topic. Still if you want to get a good grade for your essay writing , you should demonstrate your writing skills and skills of outlining the paper. A well-structured essay always benefits. You should include the following components to your paper the introduction, the main body and the conclusion. Form a strong thesis statement for the introductory part. In the main body present your essay main argument. Provide relevant examples and citations. If you want to present some additional material or statistics, you may place it in the tables or charts. Make a solid conclusion at the end of the paper.

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